Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ER visit

kitchen- soon to be replaced
bathroom- like my security system?
yes. that is a window covered by a door! laundry room
nasty eye... mal de ojo! that mean bad eye but in Latin America, it a curse.

well, for me to go to the emergency room at vandy normally isn't a big deal- seeing that i usually spend most of my time there anyway for work, but last week i went for another reason- my eye. i thought periorbital cellulitis or a new food allergy. I woke up last saturday morning and my eye was swollen shut. i didn't really want to wait until monday to see some one so i went on. first i went to the minute clinic, and they wouldn't treat me and sent me on my way to the ED (Emergency Department). They thought i was having some sort of allergic reaction to something- but no idea what. i was miserable! here's a picture and i apologize for the gross pre-bathing, no makeup, extra close-up shot...

well, no one could really tell me what exactly started it, but thankfully it looks "normal" now.

not quite yet, i got severe poison ivy all over... will it ever end? they thought it may be shingles at first (or again - shingles of 2006- not fun), but now after consulting with the 5th doctor in a week, the opinion is bad poison ivy with an allergic reaction to something else, too.


i am still working on my new house and hope to post "I'm Finished" before the end of the year! I had hoped to be in before grad school started next month- but it seems too hard to imagine. here's some pix of the progress.

have a nice day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Washington, DC trip

This past weekend I traveled to DC to visit my father who has been living there the past few years. I flew up Friday late and back Sunday- quick trip but we managed to pack in quite a few things like walking around the entire city, shopping at H&M, touring his office, National Cathedral, Holocaust Exhibit Museum, Georgetown, Dining at Paolo's, Starbucks of course, Monuments- White House- Capital, and of course the BBQ festival that blocked off practically every street we tried to go through. oh, well. It was nice to see and witness what he does in another place- his routine, apartment, neighborhood. Sorry i don't have any pictures but my camera has been acting weird and then i left it at home. oh, well. just picture it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New House

Well, I did it. i bought another house. SOOO, i guess that means that i going to be here for a while. I bought Jason's old house and can't wait to get going on some oh-so-needed changes. The guy who i thought was doing the remodeling has disappeared, and i can't decided what i what done. stress much?Oh the possibilities! What's more important- kitchen or bath or laundry room? I haven't a clue about budget of things- including grad school this fall. oh, well. any thoughts?

Friday, June 06, 2008

WOW CD give-away

follow this link to the Wow CD giveaway... Good luck.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Guatemala trip

Nancy and I at McDonald's in the outdoor play area- with fountains and everything- oh, that's the Volcano Agua in the background.
mom, nancy,and i on our terrace after eating breakfast.
Santo Domingo
mom taking pictures of the Marimba band inside our hotel
peeling mangos
mom and i outside our hotel room at Don Rodrigo- one of the oldest hotels in antigua
Catholic church in Central Park- we went while conducting mass
Volcano Agua peeping threw the clouds
art exhibit about the Argentina concentration camps

MAy 23-28 Mother and i went to Guatemala to visit Nancy and Manuel Gonzalez. It was a difficult journey to get there, but so glad we did. First of all, our flight was out of Atlanta- we didn't leave Nashville until 8pm and we got lost trying to find our hotel. our flight to miami was fine... then our flight was canceled to Guatemala City after waiting in MIA for over 4 hours. We spent the night in Miami (thanks, American Airlines- they put us up in the Downtown Marriott (near South Beach) since everything was full b/c of Memorial Day weekend. The hotel was beautiful and the only negative was that we didn't have our luggage. The next morning- early am- we caught the shuttle and were off - well, with Continental airlines to Houston to Guatemala City. We finally arrived in Guatemala greeted by no luggage but friendly faces of Nancy and Manuel. We went to eat in a great typical restuarant Kakao and then off to their house. Later we peeled mango (50 of them) for the church fund raiser to sell after church. Church was so uplifting. It was about Honoring your parents. Mom told me to listen and mentioned the fact that she was there wasn't she? the singing in Central America is awesome. it's hard to decsribe unless witnessed what whole-hearted sining feels like. often we here in the States get too concerned about what it sounds like and not what we're doing- praising GOD. I encourage everyone to go to a church in Latin America and see this for yourselves. anyway, after church manuel went to the airport to get our luggage- poos guy it took forever but i really appreciate it. when my bag came, it looked a little funny. the entire frame was broken- shattered really. oh, well. at least the things didn't come out of it! That evening we all went to Antigua, Guatemala. Nancy decided to join Mom and I. Antigua is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to. they have prefectly preserved the old Colonial feel mixed with the great Mayan cultures. The next day, we shopped tourewd some old churches, exhibits, ruinas, and shopped some more. there is a huge market with lots of cool stuff. the next day, we toured an old convent turned hotel Santo Domingo where Ryan Nikolaus got married and the Jade house.Manuel gave later in the day picked us up and we went back to Nancy's house to pack and left the next morning. after arriving in atlanta at 6 we were finally headed home.
i checked the mail and there it was. the letter i had been waiting on for months. my acceptance letter from Vanderbilt for the master's program in nursing. i start in the fall.
also, i closed on my house yesterday - 5-29-08. how many times did i write that? anyway, things are changing and my plan is becoming clearer. hope all is well with whomever reads this. Dios le bendiga.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

update on a routine life

i have been told 3 times in a week that i should update. well, here i am, updating. i really don't have a lot to say or report on what i have done. Transitioning back to a life in such routine has been well, boring. It's been difficult to go from constantly going to being inside Children's all the time. I don't seem to have the same since of pride and accomplishment as i did before while in Honduras. It was instant gratification knowning how and what i did mattered, here it a much longer process. hard to explain. it's difficult to have such a clear vision of one's purpose and then it changes. I am adjusting, though. I have been looking for another house. i think i found one - more to come on that when it actually happens. i am ready to start another chapter. well, i better get back to work. hope all is well in cyber-land.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

long trip!!!!

haa-haa-haa. well, i made it back from costa rica in september just fine- in fact, i even made it back from honduras just fine, too. what elsed has happened? not a lot. i am back to life in nashville- working at vandy and applying to graduate schools. that's it. how 'bout y'all?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Costa Rica

i am going to Costa Rica tomorrow for a visa renewal trip. this past weekend was the international youth rally. it went very well. the main problems were that it rained allday from friday to yesterday. we couldn't do a lot of the planned activities. The other "situation" was that there were about 65 people who got sick.... well, i was the medical personel. not so much fun- i saw 60 patients by myself on sat. i didn't get to attend the classes all weekend. it was a moving experience. it's awesome to witness 500 young people together and really worshiping. i will try to post some pictures next week when i return. i have to make a report of medicines used now and what went on. SO, take care and please pray for my trip.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sept 20

not a lot to report. i've been not feeling well, so i have not done much this week. i have been writing/ translating more than anything. tomorrow starts the encuentro de jovenes/ youth rally at Baxter. it's like a homecoming- youth group come from all over central america for a long weekend. tomorrow i am taking yadira to buy new things for her house that was destroyed during the last storm after hurricane felix. take care. God bless.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sept 14

praying for the children
angeles, don't remember, and yuliana- going to the "movies" together
winnie the pooh pinata
spiderman pinata
candy gathering
edwin and his mother. he is really special to us. last year he had spinal surgery and has been walking for a year now. he's our miracle boy!
Happy Feet movie
strawberry chortcake pinata
mercedes and erin plating up all that rice. i bought 8 packets of rice for L840 = $45
this is my favorite patient Don Roberto. he always brings me gift. i told him that all the candy he gives me each month is going to make me fatter. sooo, this month he brought me a key chain and everyone else a small bag of candy.

children's day was successful... and exhausting! the clinic held children's day yesterday. children's day in latin america is like mother's day or father's day in the states. it's like everyone having a birthday party together. there's cake and pinatas. The clinic holds one every year for the children enrolled into the nutrition program. we had 48 of the 70 children enroll come but total numbering 120+. while we tell the parents that children's day is only for the mother and the enrolled child, they always bring all their children and any other family member sitting around. the freed-hardeman preschool gave the money for our children's day celebration this year. they held "spa days" to raise money for the children. how sweet it is witness that even the little ones so far away can show Christ to the children here in honduras. it has been an eventful week so i am going to put subtitles:

children's day: see the above pictures.

we had chinese fried rice, kool aid, bread, tortilla chips, and cake to eat. we watched Happy Feet projected onto the wall. it was so funny watching these kids. they thought they were at the movies. most had never been to a theatre before so it was amusing seeing how big their eyes were. there were three pinatas: pooh, strawberry shortcake, and siperman filled with candy. they also recieved goody bags of McDonals's happy meal toys, school supplies, and toothbrush.

yadira's house:

destroyed. the last storm that came through was after Hurrican Felix when the tail of the storm would go from coast to coast , we got dumped on. yadira's roof was ripped off along with the parts of her walls. everything was lost- most washed away in the flash flooding. if you would like to help, please send me an email. there are 18 people who live in her house and she is the main provider. she's 29 years old and a mother of 3 and there are 14 other family members who are there. i will try to post some pictures soon. evidently 10 is the limit!


going well. amber and barrie jo have started women's class on tuesdays and thursdays. we also celebrated children's day on sunday.


i have had 2 accidents in 4 days. completely not my fault. i was even parked at the clinic for one! the other a motorcycle tried to pass me on the left hand side when i was turning left. oh, well. it's still running- sometimes!

well, i have to go!

love to all!

Dios les bendiga!

Monday, September 03, 2007

hey all!
i'm still alive. i have been waiting to write you all from the clinic. they have been working for about a month trying to set up the internet at the clinic. anyway, it's not ready yet. i just wanted to write a quick note to say that i'm still alive. we've had lots of changes at the clinic: new director, doctor, pharmacist, etc. all for the better. dr. david is the new director an doing a fabulous job. please keep us in your prayers not only for the recent changes but also for the hurrican that is about to hit. it's a level 5 and on the same path that mitch took. the people are very anxious here about it. Dios les bendiga! erin

Saturday, August 18, 2007

1 month update

well, i can't believe it's been a month since i left nashville to come back home to honduras. sorry for not updating this often. supposedly we will be getting internet at the clinic last week so soon we should have it where i can write from my lap top and not have to come to the mall (and pay each time) :)! anyway, i will put labels again for easier reading:

1. BHCC brigade
mom and i came down July 17 and were joined by about 10 people from the group and then the rest on July 18. we came a day early to be able to unpack somethings we had brought at my house before joining the group at the hotel. my house was (is) full like normal so i really enjoyed the last week of true comfort. during the week, some built houses, painted, organized, packed food, and worked in the clinic. on saturday, the group went to limoncillo, a village about 3 hours outside the city. i saw my own patients since we lacked another physician. doing that has given me the confidence booster i needed to go back to school, hopefully next fall. it was a blessed week. for me, it's like nothing else. it's my clinic family and my church family all together.

2. knee
well, i have tired to continue therapy but nothing like i was doing at baptist. stairs are still causing problems as well as steep inclines. i know it'll come and am praying for patience with it.

3. traveling
mom stayed another week after the group left from BHCC to head to roatan for another week. my aunt sarah also joined us for the island week. roatan is an island off the coast of honduras that is breathtaking. we had a lovely, relaxing week together and even swimmed with the dolphins. since no med students from VCOM were coming in august, i took advantage of going to visit my friend nancy moon in guatemala. i have visited nancy 3 years in a row in guatemala city. i took a forever long bus (14-15 hours) from TEgucigalpa to Antigua, Guatemala were i met nance and we went to her house in the city. we did nothing all weekend and it was great! i even was a guest chorus member at her church. we practiced on sat night and then went to taco bell!!! ( we don't have taco bell here!) adam temple and i travled together since he was already planning to go see his friend in language school in antigua. i tagged along as not to have to go by myself later. at the end of the month, i will be going to belize with my roommates to renew our visas. i can't believe it's already time to do that! crazy how time flies. we are going by bus and boat from honduras to belize. depending on what day we leave, we might go through guatemala, again. more to come on that...

4. clinic
going well. i have been working in the morning with patients like normal and in the afternoons trying to organize- well, everything! we are very blessed as to have wonderful people donate items- but lots of times its expired. we make lists of everything that is donated... it takes a long time! i finally finished washing all the clothes that people have left to give away. lots of people work in clothes during the week and give them away at the end of the week- dirty. i like to give clean clothes away. we have another doctor donating his time to work with us. he's very nice and works 10:30-2:30. that way we can see more patients since dr. amador works some at the military hospital in the afternoon. maria, the receptionist, had a birthday yesterday. i love birthdays! it's such an opportunity for us all to come together!

5. church
i have been going to church with amber, the boys, and interns in the house (we're 6 total). since they all work together during the week, church is the place that we all go together. the boys who live in the house are from there so it's nice for them to see their extended family. la vega church has had a revival this week. there were 3 baptism so far and they have tonight and tomorrow sessions left. luis fernando rojas has been speaking and doing a wonderful job. he spoke at the youth rally last year and made quite an impact on all. one the new sisters is arely's daughter. she was baptized last night and we're all thrilled as you can imagine.

well, i will write more later! love to all! God bless!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Christian Woman article

I am on the cover of the Christian Woman magazine for the July/ August issue. I wrote an article back in January and now it is here. Weird. I just hope it draws attention to the work at the clinic and for new sponsors for the nutritional program. I leave in the morning for about 5 1/2 months in honduras. i am ready to see what doors God has planned for me to enter this time. I heard an awesome saying today, 'it's not to see the path before me, it's to see the one i make.' God bless.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


well, i have been tagged by elizabeth byerly so here goes:
50- 100 Things about me:

1. I live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras- but haven't been there in 2 months and am returning on July 17 until Christmas.
2. I have no idea where i will be next year.
3. I have too much stuff- most of it hand-me-downs that i don't even know if i like but it was free.
4. I go by Christine or Cristina in Honduras because Erin is too difficult and people think i say my name is urine in Spanish.
5. I am sooo disorganized at home and a neat freak at work.
6. I wish I had Martha Lynn's legs- they're very pretty. Mine are stumps with tons of scars.
7. I pick arrguements when unsure.
8. I had surgery on May 9 for my third knee surgery.
9. I'm scared to be alone.
10. I like my eye color.
11. Elizabeth is my favorite girls' name- classic and elegant.
12. Father of the Bride is my alltime favorite movie.
13.I hate taking pills.
14. I love to cook and create new things.
15. I hate being as fat as i am right now.
16. I have sizes 6-14 in my closet.
17. I love to travel and really want to visit Costa Rica, England, China and Australia.
18. My roommate is Amber in Honduras and we have 2 boys who live with us (along with 7 interns right now for summer).
19.Sometimes i wonder if i should have gone to med school.
20. My mother is going to have back surgery in January 08.
21.I have a hearing problem from too many ear infections when younger.
22. Grape juice is my favorite drink.
23. I love pink in all shades but hardly ever wear it.
24. I have a hard time telling my true feelings.
25. My father lives in Washington,DC.
26. I love comedies and laughing.
27. I speak spanglish.
28. I remember nothing from Latin in high school.
29. I really want to live in the house I bought 2 1/2 years ago.
30. My brother Jason is buying my grandfather's house behind my mother's house.
31. My brother Josh talks way over my head about technical computer stuff.
32. My brother Jordan is in school at the University of Alabama.
33. I love being a nurse but sometimes question my skills having not used them in a while.
34. 'Annie' was my favorite movie growing up.
35. I am on the cover of Christian Woman magazine for the July/ August issue and wrote an article for the publication.
36. I believe that my brother Josh will "make it big one day." He's a fantastic drummer.
37. I want to live on a farm.
38.I will adopt a kid when i turn 40.
39. My mother is my hero having raised 2 kids alone while teaching full time and somewhere in the middle of that went back to school to get her masters and plus 30.
40. I really miss my Granddaddy- he died in October 06.
41. I want a dog that doesn't shead.
42. My first non- babysitting job was at a Senior Retirement center as a waitress- i think or was it WebEBM?
43. I like everything in my aunt's store (Fabu on Charlotte) but haven't bought a lot hoping that i might get whatever it is that day for Christmas or Birthday!
44. I found myself in Honduras.
45. It annoys me that people in this country complain about it.
46. I hate when people have a sense of entitlement.
47. I am freaked out about retirement.
48. I was baptized on July 27, 1992 after Harpeth Hills Church Camp.
49. I repeat the three Jeanne phases over and over and over: God is in control. He never makes a mistake. His timing is perfect.
50. I want teach nursing and take students on their first medical mission trip.
51. I have a certification in clinical research and keep it up even though i'm not using it.
52. I have great friends but worry i haven't been the best of one.
53. I can't image losing a child- especially when it was a choice. Thanks God.
54. I can't stand the sound of filing nails.
55. The last movie i saw was 'A Mighty Heart.'
56. I love to sing- shower, church, car, whereever!
57. I would love to go to culinary school- after i went to grad school for nursing!
58. I am clueless when it comes to flower names- sometime i just make them up!
59. My closest friends are from the youth group I grew up with at Hillsboro.
60. In Honduras, I go to Pricesmart (like Sams or Costco) a lot when i feel down- it reminds the most of being in Nashville.
61. Cheese is my favorite food- even though i have high cholesterol.
62. I listen to older people.
63. I am not good about blogging but read others' blogs a lot and don't comment a lot, either.
64. I pray at random times.
65. I keep a running list of people i pray for in notebooks.
66. I have two "neph-dogs" Harley and Levi (they're jason's labs).
67. My brother Jason likes my meatloaf which i am making for him tomorrow.
68. My family eats all together on Monday nights.
69. I am addicted to checking my email- especially since i can now fit my leg at the desk after freeing myself from that brace on wednesday from surgery last month.
70. I feel blessed to have the life I have.

Ok, Elizabeth, where was the faith? i did it, and, now, i tag: Amber C, Amber F, and Ashley.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21

i am out of the brace- as of yesterday- at least for short distances! it's wonderful. those braces are hot- esp in the 90 degree weather we've had here. i am now going to therapy three times a week and am planning on returning around July 16ish to honduras. i am so ready and hope my leg will be by then, too. nothing to report really. have a nice day.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

a few pictures

the big Jesus statue over looks the city. it was built after hurricane Mitch for Jesus to watch over the city and a symbol of hope to its people.
this is where i would like to be again. joey is getting married very soon, and nancy lives in guatemala with her husband manuel gonzalez.
children's day celebration in september where arely is teaching the kids the "wise man built is house in the sand". we are looking forward to another one this year. for most of these children, the activities held at the clinic are the party-type activities they go to (like for christmas and children's day).
boy on a local street-in crocs.
there have been so many given that there everywhere! it's great!

jose angel being baptized at the clinic. jose is one of the boys who live with amber and myself in honduras.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

recovery in nashville

well, surgery was on may 9. exactly one month ago today, and i can still remember every adventure i have had past the walls of my mother's house since then. driving is difficult simply because it is hard getting into a car with your leg straight. i have 2 more weeks in the brace which i can't wait for. i am so ready to get back to living and going back to honduras.
being home makes me realize how much life really does continue to go on- even when i'm not a part of it. it's a really weird realization. i am getting older and everyone else is, too.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Surgery is scheduled

well, i have scheduled my left knee surgery for May 9- in 2 days. Surgery #3 for the good old knees. pobrecitas mis rodillas! (my poor knees) .

anyway, i obviously made it back to nashville after a lovely time in Miami. Although, it was very nice to catch up with Luis, Schalee, Alicia, and to-be-#4 to that family in November. Luis graduated from Baxter a few years back and married a girl from Texas. They now work in La Ceiba, Honduras, a coastal town on the north shore- near Roatan. They were on their way to Texas with the bad storms were going through Dallas- the reason I couldn't get home to Nashville. That was so fustrating. While at the counter, the AA agent kept saying that my flight was canceled due to weather. Well, Nashville was fine- i had spoken to my mother and miami was clearly fine or we wouldn't have taken off. He never said that my plane was grounded in dallas. Of course, the airlines do not pay for hotels when one is delayed due to weather related conditions. before this, i had gone through customs, etc and when flying internationally, you must recheck your bags. I walked over with my bags and the agent asked me where i was going. i said "tennessee, nashville." He continued to say "please put your bags over the yellow line." i did. he said, "that flight has been canceled." canceled? "can i have my bags back?" "no. it has crossed the line and is now property of the MIA airport." what? could you not have told me that when i answered 'nashville'? so, the 4 (+1 soon to be) shared a room in miami where once again, my carry-ons were my laptop/ backpack full of electronic things and my purse. i write all this to say- it is true- please carry-on clothes and a toothbrush! you never know!

I am finding it harder and harder to come home to nashville. Life changes so quickly and stands still at the same time. Sometimes, it feels like i never left but that i jsut don't fit in as well as before. i am changed. i was sitting at church yesterday morning at hillsboro next to my mother (aka: driver, nurse, etc.) thinking about the little church in mogote, honduras, just two weeks past. i wonder what they would think of this building. i know the building isn't the church- it's the people. i did listen in VBS. BUT, the actual building for those women is a safe-haven. an esacpe. it's where you want to be. their whole church building could easily fit in half of the lobby at hillsboro. i don't think we value what a treasure God has given us. their church building just received electricity in march and the preacher said to them, what a gift! now we can hold a revival and make this place full! oh, how we here in the states tend to overlook the basic of basic things! We ARE so blessed and don't know it. just a little food for thought. have a blessed day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

coming home- well, almost.

well, it's been over 10 years with out knee issues. i thought it was over. Well, i was wrong. i have torn my MCL in my left knee on April 7. I really don't know how. Amber (my roommate in honduras) and i had taken one of the boy who lives with us bowling (his first time) for a special treat during holy week since he did not go to his grandparents' house like the other two boys who live at the house. I stood up and pop! oh, well. I had an MRI done at Honduras Medical Center- the nicest hospital in the country and the only ones who will put your results on a CD (which you have to bring your own- i found out the hard way!). it was a different experience. This past few months have been so busy with groups, holy week, VCOM students, belize trip for visa renewal,etc... I will put headings to make it easier.

1. March Spring Break Groups

This year we had four groups here for spring break, along with the two med students. There were groups from Hillsboro/ Lipscomb, Harpeth Hills/ Steve Davidson Group, Oklahoma Christian University/ Dudley’s group, and Park Plaza from Tulsa, OK. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone again and a little frustrating not to be able to spend much time with loved ones while they were here. My roommate Amber had visitors all month staying with us. It was a fun house-full, along with our three orphans who live with us permanently. We held medical/ dental/ eye brigades on all week at the clinic, with the exception being on Monday where we all headed to a small village called Mirador de Oriente with Steve Davidson’s group. The Tulsa group had 6 nurses with them who were so very encouraging. I wished I had known in advance that they were coming and I could have planned activities for them. I had let it be known that in the afternoons, I wanted to work with the Hillsboro group. Well, that didn’t work out so well. I felt that I needed to stay with the visitors at the clinic and my poor truck can’t make it up even a small hill right now without smoking. That was a little disappointing, but I still was able to spend time with them other days- like at church and the airport. Oh, the airport- my second home. The poor Hillsboro group’s luggage did not arrive with them. In fact, one bag never arrived. The others arrived throughout the week. I have made very good friends with all the airport workers now.


VCOM (Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine at Virginia Tech) Students – JAN: Margaret and Lucy, Feb: Melissa and Katie, March: Melissa and Kristin, April: Kristy and Chris and 4 more in May…
When I arrived, I met the two VCOM 4th year med students who had been at the clinic for most of the month. They were Margaret and Lucy, as different as different come. I think Margaret was a little homesick or husband-longing for- ness and Lucy was hilarious. Lucy plans to come back in May. Lucy had a great impact on me without her even knowing. She is the first Muslim I have ever really known. I pray I influenced her as much as she did me. God is really awesome like that. At the end of Feb, two more 4th year students came- Katie and Melissa. They were so easy- very independent. I did not have to lead them around the weekends. It was a nice break. They were very confident. On March 1, 2007, the next two students came and it all started again (grocery store trips during lunch break, movies, going to the local places, etc.)I pretty much play “mom.” Kristin and Melissa, in March were great to have with the groups that came down for spring break. Baxter and the clinic all together had around 250 visitors (please see below for more info on that). Melissa left on March 29 and Kristin on April 2. At the end of Kristin's time, the two of us headed to Copan Ruinas (again, see below). Kristy arrived on April 1 and headed out to Santa Ana to work with an orphanage before heading to the clinic for the rest of the month. Chris arrived on Easter day. It was awesome to have a Tennessee guy here who actually went to Freed Hardeman. Last week with the tragedy at VT was extremely difficult for the VCOM students being away from all their loved ones. Please keep everyone in your prayers in Blacksburg as healing begins.

3. Clinic Needs

IF anyone is interested, i am going to post a list of current wishes/ needs at the clinic. There is also one on the website,

Vitamins- adult, child, prenatal, liquid, pills
Anitbiotics, esp. Amox., Cipro, Bactrim
Cough meds- esp. pediatric
Allergy- Benadryl,etc.
Cholesterol meds
Hypertensive meds
Creams: flugal, bacterial, etc.
Antiviral- Valtrex
anything over the counter. Literally, one tube of Neosporin can say a life here.

Clinic: ear specs- esp. pediatric, i can't seem to recall the name seeing that it is 4:45 am (Honduras time) but the ear wax specs to retreive the wax- long skinny plastic, oh, well. also, 25 5/8, 30 1/2, & 21 1 or 1 1/2 needles, ace/ elastic bandages, Medium size gloves, albuterol treaments- med, mask, and tubing, hydrogen perioxide, blades- 10 or 15, blade holders, 4 x 4s, silk tape,

Nutrition Program: Sponsors... Extra cash for activities throughout the year like graduation, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Children's day celebrations

Sewing class: material- especially in large peices

Haircutting class: hair dryers, small scissors, razors, clippers, money to buy shampoo, conditioner, gel, nailpolish, nailpolish remover, lotion, etc. There are many things that we can buy here in Tegucigalpa, Honduras if we had the cash. I do want I can but i need help.

General: money to buy: pens, paper, markers, folders, cleaning supplies, soap, etc.

I am not sure of the needs in the dental clinic since i spend the majority of my time on the medical clinic side. I know that they are always in need of something.

Please pray about these requests.

3. Holy Week and Traveling
I am so blessed. I have traveled more in the last month than basically in the 4 years i have been working in honduras. Kristin, a med student, and i went to the Copan Ruins. It is absolutely amazing. you can literally walk on and touch the ruins. It is mind-bogling to think how far we have came as humans seeing what ancient life was like. It was a difficult journey getting there. Kristin wasn't sure until the morning we left to go if she would be able due to her flight. It happened to be holy week (Easter week) when everything is shut down and full!(which also caused our travel difficulities)! The buses were full and hotels were booked. normally, you can go anywhere in the country at any time and never have problems with transporation and hotels, but holy week is a different story. Most all Latin countries take holy week off. It would be like everyone in the states having the same spring break and most traveling. It's a hectic week. The cities are dead- everyone flees to the beaches or "vacation spots"- like COPAN. Even the majority of taxi drivers take the week off. However, it is my favorite week in honduras. it is when you truly see the culture- esp, the closer to the weekend. We were in Copan March 30- April 2. The rest of holy week I did not due much except tear my MCL bowling with Darwin and Amber. The week after on April 10, Amber and I began our visa renewal trip to Belize. WELL, it was a little difficult getting there! There is now a union between Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua that implies that foreigns (yours truly) most leave the union to renew one's visa every 90 days. Meaning, that in order to stay in the country legally, we needed to go to either Belize, Mexico, or Costa Rica. Belize is closest. We went the week after holy week because there are less people traveling and safer. We went to San Pedro Sula on Tues and spent the night with a dear family, the Murcias. Wednesday morning, we took a bus to Puerto Cortes, Omoa, to the Guatemalan border where we had to walk across the border. Now normally, not a big deal, but again, I had a torn MCL. It was a rather painful day. From the border we headed in yet another bus to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and there in boat to Punta Gorda (PG as the locals say). We missed the bus that day to go up north to the beach so we found a hotel ans stayed the night. One of Amber's friends Mark from knoxville flew down and met up with us in PG. The next morning, we took a bus to Independcia and then a boat to Placencia where the beach was beautiful. Well, the law is you must spend 72 hours outside the union. We stayed just about that! We were in Placencia until the 6am bus left on saturday morning. We took a bus to Dangringa and a boat ($50pp) to Puerto Cortes, honduras. From there, we took a bus to San Pedro Sula and then another bus to Tegucigalpa. We arrived at 10:30pm that night. Belize was a beautiful and expensive place. The beach was everything I had pictured and was very relaxing. I love the boys at the house, but it was nice to have a break from all that teenage boy noise. And really, it's nice to have an excuse to renew your visa by going to Belize!

well, i apologize for not writing more often. honestly, i haven't really felt like walking up the stairs in order to get the wireless. I will try. Please pray for me as i travel today and hopefull make it home to nashville.
Dios les bendiga!

Friday, March 09, 2007

March 9

hello to all. may God be blessing you all...
things are going well here in tegucigalpa. busy, as always. this week has been very pleasant. normally march is the hottest month here in honduras, but NOT this year. it's been almost, dare i say, cold. well, cold may not be the best word to use, seeing that it's been like 40s at night and 60s in the day. it's also been raining for 2 days ealier this week- very unusual since this is dry season. i can't help but wonder what the rainy season will be like. well, since a lot has been going on, i am going to put headers in:
two new students have arrived: Kristin and Melissa. they are really sweet and doing well in the clinic- especailly for their first week. Kristin is actaully from Pikeville college of osteopathic medicine. i don't know if they will be able to go to the public hospital this month or not due to the medical student protests going on. the medical school is located at the public hospital and it is a little dangerous right now. they were protesting in front of the "presidental palace" this afternoon which made getting to the mall with the girls a little difficult. i think these girls are a little afraid to go anywhere by themselves- they will not go anywhere in a taxi. i understand it can be difficult/ scary, etc. i feel a little like a taxi service myself. oh, well. i am sure that with time this will settle. Melissa, from VCOM, went to Freed Hardeman for undergrad, so it's been nice matching up who we both know.
2. Clinic
going well. very few patients this past week due to the "cold" weather. the people don't like to be in the cold early in the morning. we've seen pretty normal things this week for us: common colds, scabies and other rashes, sinusitis,HTN, DM, beign masses, cataracs, ingrown toe nails, appendisitis, etc... i have really been struggling with going back to school. sometimes i wonder why i didn't go to med school. it's becoming more and more tempting everyday.
3. House
we have a new boy living with us. have i written that? it's becoming more clear that God is really leading amber to open a boy's home. it's a challenge becuase they're 14, 15, and 16 years old. they're teenagers- loud, music listening, wrestling, etc. BUT, so sweet- when they're undercontrol. they're very attentive. they take so much pride in our house. they clean without (too much) compliant. Darwin ocasionally will make my bed up and wait to see my face when i come in to see it. They are just like little boys. They have really missed out on a lot of life, like having a family.
4. Gym
well, it's closing-for 2 weeks and moving to another location. i have really enjoyed going to the gym. amber and i usually do whatever class is being offered at that time like, dance, interval, step, etc. it's been nice to be able to go with amebr and jeanne. i have no idea if we will continue to go to another, but i hope so.
5. Church
i purposely left this to the end because i am a little ashamed. for the past 3 Sundays in a row, groups have either been coming or going on Sunday so i have not been able to go. I am really looking forward to this Sunday. We have had some of the elders from the Vega church speaking to us during our devotional time in the morning at the clinic.

well, i guess that is it. i do so hope things are going well. keep in touch. God bless.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb 26- Group 1 of 2007

Hello! I'm alive! It's been a hectic time since i posted last. last week, the first group of the year came from VCOM- 48 in total. it was a great group! very interesting group. in a nutshell we had about 750 patients in four mobile medical brigades, fed 1500 people, 200 dental patients, and cut about 250 heads of hair- a very busy week. the group consisted of 5 physicians, 28 medical students, 1 preacher, and the rest spouses of the first year med students. it was their first time seeing patients. i will write more when i have more energy. they left last night after being extremely complicated since Dulles (DC) airport was closed. the group ended up flying to miami and rented a bus to drive them to blacksburg, virginia. i felt aweful for them! bless their hearts. i am planning to go to el salvador tomorrow to meet up with the second year medical students from the same school. please pray for my safety. love to all. God bless.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

feb 15

Another week has past, as hard as it is to believe. I stay really busy, ever realizing that the days just fly by. If am beginning to realize that if you really do love what you’re doing, time doesn’t matter. It’ll fly by. I so wonder what God has planned for me. This life we are given is just so short. Do we really know? How could we? This whole “serving” thing is a way of life. I still find it hard to believe that I am a “missionary.” Missionary? Why that’s supposed to be old couples in the middle of Africa! It’s not. At all. It’s not. It’s amber, laura, nancy, Jennifer, chad, shelley, JB, alley, etc. me? Anyway, I was filling out a form and had to write my position here in Honduras, I wrote medical missionary. It hit me. I need to be a better example here and in the states. I have felt in the past, like I was always in transition. Coming here. Going home. I know I am home here. This is where I need to be. I feel it. I love being at peace.
Now to what’s been happening:
Christian woman magazine article:
I have been writing an article for CW. I will attach a copy soon when I have a stronger internet connection. It has really taken me a long time to write this article. At first, I was told about 1500 word article. Ok. Easy. It wasn’t. I felt like it was finally MY opportunity to speak and share what God has done with my life. Well, I got to 2300 words without a conclusion. Opps! I told them to edit where needed. I pray I don’t offend anyone. I was honest. It saddens me with the loose association to Christianity here. Having a grandparent who was to church, does not make you a Christian. It’s having a personal relationship with Jesus and following his instructions. Well, please pray for this. The issue will come out in May.
Hillsboro brothers’ visit
Butch Stinson, Ethan Huffard, Ryan White, and John Mason were here this past weekend scooping out future outreach/ mission opportunities and sights where the groups will be building next month. They plan to build 15 houses out in Mateo. This is a small community outside the main city that is actually where Amber, the boys, and I will be moving in the summer. More to come…
goody bag
Mom sent a bag down with butch that seemed like it was Christmas, again! I had fun sorting through all the stuff, even though it was mainly things I had asked for! I got a mattress cover. I am hoping it will keep the hole covered and the spring in the mattress that jabs at me every night! What else? Vitamins I bought for the pharmacy here. They were half price at target! She sent me down as a surprise, DVD Pride and Prejudice and work out pants. OHHH, Jeanne, amber and I joined a gym. We go together 3 times a week and whenever on our own! It’s been fun! Can’t really notice a difference- YET! I enjoy having a place to go and feel safe. Walking outside really isn’t an option. It’s been really violent lately here in the city. Lots of murders. They’re all over the papers.
VCOM group coming this weekend
Sat or Sun, the 18th, the first brigade of the year is coming. We are slowing getting ready. It’s a little difficult to do a lot until the group gets here. I plan to go to Pricesmart and buy their lunches tomorrow for next week. Here’s hoping they like PB and J! anyway, VCOM is sending down 51 Doctors and medical students + the 2 here already + clinic doc= 54 doc. How many nurses? Well, me and yadira (nurse’s assistant) ahhhhh!!! Along with about 3 other translators! It should be fun!!! J it I’m not able to write much next week, you’ll know why!
international conference on global health
well, this is a international conference that it’s exciting to be a part of but ended up being canceled yesterday. We will try again next month! Yesterday’s topic was fortifying foods- like rice in a study out of India.
nutrition program- Valentines candy
happy valentine’s day. I bought at the dollar tree before leaving, Nemo valentine’s cards. I bought 2 bags of 3 lbs of hard candy (~$12), chewable vitamins, and baggies to give to each kid in the nutrition program. It costs a total of $20. their faces were so sweet and excited.
clinic/ pt increase- surgeries, cleanings,
the clinic is going well. We’re having more patients come now. We had 45 Monday, 35 yesterday, and 30 today. We did a few small surgeries. They were fun. Lots of ulcers. Lots of rotavirus. Lots of colds.
car/ traffic
well, school started this week for all the public schools. Traffic has been a nightmare. If anyone has been down here, they know how bad traffic is. It is impossible to merge here! It drives me crazy! Not only is traffic crazy but they’re putting in new water line, also! What normally takes about 10 min to go home in the afternoon took almost 1 hour yesterday! It’s a little crazy right now on the roads, so I go to the clinic around 7 and stay until about 7 at night when traffic is better.
living arrangements- Laura’s visit, boys go to school
I am still living with amber and the boys. This past weekend, our friend laura and her finance beto come to visit. They were in town for a document they need for their marriage license stating that they are single. It’s a little crazy that that one piece of paper will cost them $30 each. Ouch! They plan to get married July 21 when the BHCC group will be here. I am so conflicted! If my mother is here, I probably won’t go. Laura is a sweet girl and loves to laugh. Her laugh is contagious! It was nice to see them, again.
free time
what’s that? Between the clinic, church, and gym, I don’t have much time. On Tuesdays, amber and I usually go to the movies- they’re half price! It’s awesome- especially when living on a budget!
Hillsboro has committed to $134/ month to cover my health insurance. So, I am now up to $634/ month. All though, I have only received $134 to date. This can be so fustrating! Please pray that this will take care of itself!

nursing license
no word, yet. Last week, I wrote a letter to the Board of Nursing here in Honduras for a temporary license to work as a volunteer. I have not heard anything. Please say that they respond with yes or I will be coming home or finding a different line of service here.
Beth Moore study- in English!
Thursday nights, after working out, Jeanne, Amber, and I have begun the Daniel study from Beth Moore. I have really enjoyed this series and facilitating it. I pray the others are also. It is open to whomever- but it’s in English due to the DVDs being in English. Jeanne, who we proudly call our Honduran mama, gave flowers to Amber and I today for Valentines! She’s the best! She calls us her Honduran daughters! She is such a blessing to my life!
English classes- April and May
The Damas de Baxter, a club I have joined (L100/ year), has asked if Gloria Perez, Amber, and I teach English classes. This is a fundraiser idea for the Damas. Our goal this year is to raise enough money to remodel a warehouse on campus that is about to fall in. they want to make it into a vocational school. So often, preachers need to be able to support themselves and need to know a trait like plumbing, electric work, etc. the damas want to raise $6000 this year. That’s a really high goal! I hope they can make it.

Well, now that I have written yet another book. I do so hope that this posting find all well. Once the connection improves, I will try to post pictures. Love to all. God bless.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Week 3

hola, everyone! hope this blog find you well. sorry i haven't been very good about keeping the blog up. internet is very unreliable here and it takes forever to publish a post. since so much has been going on, i am going to put headings:
1. VCOM:
Virginia college of osteopathic medicine sends down med students to the clinic each month for the whole month. when i came, lucy and margaret were here. they were complete opposites and had a rough month being here during the break of classes. when it's vacation time at baxter, it's hard to get anything done because no one is around to sign checks. melissa and katie have been here for 2 weeks. their spanish is great, and i haven't had a lot to do for them.
2. clinic:
the clinic is still standing. after starting in a rough spot (see above), with no paper, pens, light, etc. things are slowly turning around. the nutrition program came this week for their quarterly evaluations. it was fun to see all the children running around. we haven't had many patients lately. i have asked a few patients where everyone is, and they respond with "it's cold in the morning." ok, really? it feels great to me. nighttime has been around 60 and in the hottest time in the afternoon, around 85. craziness.
3. nursing license:
i have applied for a honduran nursing license. please pray that i will be approved and can work. all i had to do was get a copy of my diploma from Belmont, TN nurses' license, CCRP certificate, passport and write a letter explaining that i am NOT taking a job away from a local.
4. fundraising:
not going well. i am for sure up to $600/ month. my budget was $1700. ouch. please pray that funding will come. this year is a little different since i will not be working for the part of the year prior to coming down to honduras. i have always been way more self supported but am unable to be this year.
5. living:
i am living with amber foster from missiouri. she's been such an awesome friend to me. we laugh a lot, vent to each other, advise one another. she even stayed up the night i foudn out that granddaddy died and just sat with me.
6. truck:
my truck that was "totaled" on Dec 10 has made it to the repair shop. i'm not sure how 'totaled' means they can fix it. but they're trying. it literally looked like someone completely took off the entire right side of the car and placed the engine inside the cabin. the clinic has graciously given me the small white truck to use while waiting for mine to be ready. the poor truck has no locks and can start the car without a key. i am so peronoid that it is going to be stolen. also, being a standard, the parking break is vital. vital. well, it doesn't work, either. it's a little difficult. i have rocks in the back of it that i throw down in front of the wheels. please pray for my safety. oh, saturday, God saved me. literally, it was a miracle. the car started rolling back and i was walking behind it. it hit me and my shoes went flying off. the next thing i knew, i was in the cabin of the car, slaming on the brakes stopping it before hitting the new pathfinder on the street. i was so shaken up. i can anxiously waiting for my truck to be ready.
7. El Prado
well, i join a gym. it's way more than i need to be speading a month ($40) but so worth it. jeanne, amber, and i joined together as a "family." we got permission...if 3 people sign up together you can join as a family and get a better rate. so far, we have swam, biked, walked, run, taken exercise ball aerobics class, and aerobic dance class. i truly amber and i laugh the entire time. i can not move my body like they can. i ended up running in place most of the time. mechelle, tell trent that i'm going to be ready for him!
8. i bought a cabinets for my room. i no longer live out of a siutcase! it's wonderful. now, i am saving up for a mattress.
well, i feel like i have written a book. i do hope things are going well for each and all. i need to head home since it is the night of the week that i have the house to myself! God bless.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 1

hello to all. i am back here in tegucigalpa, honduras. i came last friday (1/19) and have been on the go ever since. returning to the clinic and baxter was nice to see everyone again but a little fustrating at the same time. dec and jan is the off months for most (like our summer months) so not a like was done seeing that most were gone. it was fustrating seeing my totaled car and having to be mean about it. i don't like being mean BUT NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE! at all! the car has been sitting under a tarp since the wreck- the excuse was that they were waiting until i got back. that whole ordeal has not been done. rumors and gossip are like wild fires here- spread across the whole country with a blink of the eye. there were 2 medial students here from virginia tech when i arrived that left yesterday and 2 new ones arrived. on the positive side, i got the see all my friends at the airport! :) one left at 10, one at 1:30 and the others came at 5. it is really nice to only live 10 min from the airport! the clinic has been really busy seeing around 40/ day. there is a new doctor that i really like and is really easy to work with. he has a lot of patience with the students and is very intelligent and funny. it has been an easy transition. living arrangements are the same with some additions. i am living with amber foster (same as last year) and 2 boys (Darwin and Ariel) from the area of town where she works called El Mogote. The boys have had a lot of loss in their lives and being with amber is like having a parent that they never really had. last night, we had an additional 8 kids spend the night. it was a little hectic. there are actually 12 in this family and the younger 8 came with us. They had called amber on friday crying because their drunken father was beating them all. amber got them and they spent the weekend basically crawling on her. it was quite a scene of all 15 of us at Burger King yesterday! amber is such a symbol of stability for them and that whole community. it's amazing. well, i am sitting outside the computer lab at baxter using the wireless and am about to run out of battery. love to you all. God bless.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here we go again!

well, the time has almost come. i am heading back to honduras in around 30 hours and am very excited and ready. i am ready to be active and working again. it has been nice being here in nashville for the past two months but am ready to be used in God's kingdom as a stronger force. i have been able to travel lately- Ft. Morgan, Alabama (mom and daughter beach trip); henderson, tn (does that count? family- christmas) washington DC (Certification Exam- i now have a CCRP title); Keystone, Colorado (family ski trip for new year's) ; Dallas, Texas (medical missions conference); and Atlanta, GA to visit Leanne and Shannon (both who are pregnant.) It's been a busy past few weeks, especially. I was asked by Christian Woman magazine to write an article for the May/ June Issue coming up and later asked to be on the cover. Yes, I now consider myself a super-model! who wouldn't? i know, ha-ha-ha. It was a fun day with the shoot; then i saw a picture- and all the fat! i am huge! oh, well. hopefully that image in my head will motivate me to change it! anyway, yesterday, my friend ashley and i drove down to see Leanne J. Bender. I wanted to see her before i left and especailly before the baby comes. Shannon showed up a little later and said that she was pregnant and due in August. All i can say is, bless her heart. i can just imagine how difficult it will be with 2 kids under the age of 2! On the way home this morning, Ash, as awesome as she is, let me go visit a dear friend from nursing school, Amber, and her 4 month old baby Andrew. Amber moved to Chattanooga and had a baby in Sept that i had not seen. Amber is an true friend, dare i say the closest friend i had in nursing school. we were always together- even beyond our projects. Nursing school was difficult because it's hard to be social outside school- there was so much that had to be done. BUT, it also gave me great friends out of it. i only had 13 girls in my class. Out of those 13, i still keep in contact with some, 2 more than others, but hear about the all. It's a small world. Isn't it amazing how God plants people in our lives and we don't realize it until reflecting back. Nursing school without a constant friend to the end in Amber would have been aweful. Life now without the Mechelle sound-board/ advice-giver would be aweful. Thank you God for planting those women in my life from a challenging time going through school.
well, like i said, i head out in about 30 hours. please keep in touch!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


well, i haven't written in a month, so i thought i would fill in what i have been doing. since the funeral, i have had a lot of time to think, be with friends, travel (Alabama, Washington, DC and going soon: Henderson, Colorado, Dallas, Honduras), and be a personal assistant to my mother (lots of honey-to-do-list).

there has been a lot of down-time especially right after the funeral where i diagnosed myself as short-term bipolarism! mother and i have been laughing and crying to laughing and crying on a continuous cycle going through some of the things of my grandparents. it has been amazing witnessing the outpouring of love from all of those of whom my grandparents touched. and, no. we still don't have a clue as to what to do with the house. i, for one, am getting tired of everyone asking. we need time. mom wants me to go through the house and decide what to do with all the stuff i want/ need in my house. i haven't a clue. there is so much. it like admiting they really aren't there if i take things away. to be honest, eventhough there house is in the backyard, i still think they're there. And, that it's been quite unusually quiet around here.

i am sure it is faith but lately i have had a peaceful soul. I was devasted not being home when Granddaddy died. Since his death, i have had a series of conversations with him in my dreams. The scripture that keeps popping in my tohught is the one about fighting the good fight and keeping faith. in my dreams, granddaddy sounds just like he always wanted- with a clear and strong voice- something that hadn't truly happened in years. this was a wonderful Christmas gift directly given to me by God. the fact that i know, my angel Granddaddy talked to me reassuring me that all is well- he's proud of me. is this how God speaks to me? you? everyone? dreams? small voice? the feelings? how does God speak to you? in today's soceity, the people who often say that God spoke to me are looked at as loons. know i sure know i have problems but some what sane at the same time. i know that my Granddaddy wants me to go to continue my mission.

So, I plan on going back to honduras on Jan 17 though december. oh, did i mention that my truck in honduras was wrecked- i am not sure how badly yet. i am not really sure how this can happen but know that God will take care of it. i still do not have much support. i feel a little like a pupet. some have mentioned support but then i haven't heard anything definite. i sent out 12 letters to churches without, so far, any response for support for next year. support is a hard thing. i know i need it. why is it so hard to obtain? people say, oh, what a wonderful thing- then nothing. is this satan? do we in this day and age fear satan as they did in the Bible? Satan is so present and easier than ever to get us tempted into sin. money isn't all that's offered in the world BUT it is necessary to function in it. there are many lessons we can learn from our Latin brothers and sisters. Living in the states is such a priviledge- often taken for granted. There is a since of entitlement though that consumes us. It is not survival of the fittest, it isn't survival at all. survival is being able to live. that's it. simple. living. how we live is something completly different. The states is always trying to achieve higher accomplishment, stature, fincanical bracket, etc. latins tend to be content. How would Christ want us to live today in a fast pased techno driven soft world? How about a little of both. Strive to live the best life- Christ like. Well, i think i have gone on enough today. have a blessed one and remember the reason for the season.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Prayer Req

well, i have a request. i have decided that i am going to live the full year 2007 in honduras. i miss it and feel a little lost here at home. i don't know how, but i do know that if God wants it to be, it will be. I feel like when i am there, i am exactually where and when God needs me to be. I do have a fund set up at both Hillsboro (Del Boyce Honduras Medical Mission Fund- thank you Granddaddy) and my original account at Brentwood Hills. If anyone is looking for an end of the year contribution, please remember Baxter and the clinic. It is an amazing work- literally spreading the Word of GOD throughout the world. It would be interesting in seeing just how many people have become Christians due to the work of this great institution and its grads. please keep all in prayer. thanks. erin

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My granddaddy and mama dot

nashville life

Well, it's hard to believe it's been a week since Granddaddy past, and i have been at home. It's been extremely difficult accepting that he isn't here- in the backyard- literally. i hate looking out the window and seeing his house right there. it's a symbol of what's been and uncertainty of the future. God, i know i will go through all the "stages" and not sure where i am right now- am i mad? depressed? . i have faith in you that it was Granddaddy's time to come home. i have been joking with mother that i've diagnosed our family as short-term bipolarism- all we've done since Granddaddy's homecoming is laugh and cry. his service was sweet. i only hope that when i go home to God's hands, some many people would come to my funeral. Granddaddy had been pretty much house-bond for the past five years and still had 400-500 people filling the auditorium at hillsboro. my realized the day after the service that we forgot to mention his job as an auditor for the Fed. Milk Market. BUT, it's wasn't his priority. he loved God, his family, and his family at hillsboro. he did a lot in life, helped a lot of people. i will miss him. please pray for our family.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

granddaddy's arrangements

the visitation is thursday nov 2 from 4-7 and funeral service is 11am on friday, nov. 3. Both will be held at hillsboro church of christ.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my granddaddy

my granddaddy died last night from natural causes. i am now in nashville. the visitation is thursday from 4- 7 and the funeral friday 11a. please keep us in your prayers.