Friday, September 14, 2007

Sept 14

praying for the children
angeles, don't remember, and yuliana- going to the "movies" together
winnie the pooh pinata
spiderman pinata
candy gathering
edwin and his mother. he is really special to us. last year he had spinal surgery and has been walking for a year now. he's our miracle boy!
Happy Feet movie
strawberry chortcake pinata
mercedes and erin plating up all that rice. i bought 8 packets of rice for L840 = $45
this is my favorite patient Don Roberto. he always brings me gift. i told him that all the candy he gives me each month is going to make me fatter. sooo, this month he brought me a key chain and everyone else a small bag of candy.

children's day was successful... and exhausting! the clinic held children's day yesterday. children's day in latin america is like mother's day or father's day in the states. it's like everyone having a birthday party together. there's cake and pinatas. The clinic holds one every year for the children enrolled into the nutrition program. we had 48 of the 70 children enroll come but total numbering 120+. while we tell the parents that children's day is only for the mother and the enrolled child, they always bring all their children and any other family member sitting around. the freed-hardeman preschool gave the money for our children's day celebration this year. they held "spa days" to raise money for the children. how sweet it is witness that even the little ones so far away can show Christ to the children here in honduras. it has been an eventful week so i am going to put subtitles:

children's day: see the above pictures.

we had chinese fried rice, kool aid, bread, tortilla chips, and cake to eat. we watched Happy Feet projected onto the wall. it was so funny watching these kids. they thought they were at the movies. most had never been to a theatre before so it was amusing seeing how big their eyes were. there were three pinatas: pooh, strawberry shortcake, and siperman filled with candy. they also recieved goody bags of McDonals's happy meal toys, school supplies, and toothbrush.

yadira's house:

destroyed. the last storm that came through was after Hurrican Felix when the tail of the storm would go from coast to coast , we got dumped on. yadira's roof was ripped off along with the parts of her walls. everything was lost- most washed away in the flash flooding. if you would like to help, please send me an email. there are 18 people who live in her house and she is the main provider. she's 29 years old and a mother of 3 and there are 14 other family members who are there. i will try to post some pictures soon. evidently 10 is the limit!


going well. amber and barrie jo have started women's class on tuesdays and thursdays. we also celebrated children's day on sunday.


i have had 2 accidents in 4 days. completely not my fault. i was even parked at the clinic for one! the other a motorcycle tried to pass me on the left hand side when i was turning left. oh, well. it's still running- sometimes!

well, i have to go!

love to all!

Dios les bendiga!


At 12:37 PM , Blogger Elizabeth Byerly said...

You give the best updates!! I feel like my posts are quite boring compared to yours! Hope you're enjoying it. Are you still coming home in December?

At 7:48 AM , Blogger Eric & Rebecca said...

Erin, you are so amazing! I love all of the stories! You are in my prayers!


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