Monday, February 26, 2007

Feb 26- Group 1 of 2007

Hello! I'm alive! It's been a hectic time since i posted last. last week, the first group of the year came from VCOM- 48 in total. it was a great group! very interesting group. in a nutshell we had about 750 patients in four mobile medical brigades, fed 1500 people, 200 dental patients, and cut about 250 heads of hair- a very busy week. the group consisted of 5 physicians, 28 medical students, 1 preacher, and the rest spouses of the first year med students. it was their first time seeing patients. i will write more when i have more energy. they left last night after being extremely complicated since Dulles (DC) airport was closed. the group ended up flying to miami and rented a bus to drive them to blacksburg, virginia. i felt aweful for them! bless their hearts. i am planning to go to el salvador tomorrow to meet up with the second year medical students from the same school. please pray for my safety. love to all. God bless.


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Well said.


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