Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Week 3

hola, everyone! hope this blog find you well. sorry i haven't been very good about keeping the blog up. internet is very unreliable here and it takes forever to publish a post. since so much has been going on, i am going to put headings:
1. VCOM:
Virginia college of osteopathic medicine sends down med students to the clinic each month for the whole month. when i came, lucy and margaret were here. they were complete opposites and had a rough month being here during the break of classes. when it's vacation time at baxter, it's hard to get anything done because no one is around to sign checks. melissa and katie have been here for 2 weeks. their spanish is great, and i haven't had a lot to do for them.
2. clinic:
the clinic is still standing. after starting in a rough spot (see above), with no paper, pens, light, etc. things are slowly turning around. the nutrition program came this week for their quarterly evaluations. it was fun to see all the children running around. we haven't had many patients lately. i have asked a few patients where everyone is, and they respond with "it's cold in the morning." ok, really? it feels great to me. nighttime has been around 60 and in the hottest time in the afternoon, around 85. craziness.
3. nursing license:
i have applied for a honduran nursing license. please pray that i will be approved and can work. all i had to do was get a copy of my diploma from Belmont, TN nurses' license, CCRP certificate, passport and write a letter explaining that i am NOT taking a job away from a local.
4. fundraising:
not going well. i am for sure up to $600/ month. my budget was $1700. ouch. please pray that funding will come. this year is a little different since i will not be working for the part of the year prior to coming down to honduras. i have always been way more self supported but am unable to be this year.
5. living:
i am living with amber foster from missiouri. she's been such an awesome friend to me. we laugh a lot, vent to each other, advise one another. she even stayed up the night i foudn out that granddaddy died and just sat with me.
6. truck:
my truck that was "totaled" on Dec 10 has made it to the repair shop. i'm not sure how 'totaled' means they can fix it. but they're trying. it literally looked like someone completely took off the entire right side of the car and placed the engine inside the cabin. the clinic has graciously given me the small white truck to use while waiting for mine to be ready. the poor truck has no locks and can start the car without a key. i am so peronoid that it is going to be stolen. also, being a standard, the parking break is vital. vital. well, it doesn't work, either. it's a little difficult. i have rocks in the back of it that i throw down in front of the wheels. please pray for my safety. oh, saturday, God saved me. literally, it was a miracle. the car started rolling back and i was walking behind it. it hit me and my shoes went flying off. the next thing i knew, i was in the cabin of the car, slaming on the brakes stopping it before hitting the new pathfinder on the street. i was so shaken up. i can anxiously waiting for my truck to be ready.
7. El Prado
well, i join a gym. it's way more than i need to be speading a month ($40) but so worth it. jeanne, amber, and i joined together as a "family." we got permission...if 3 people sign up together you can join as a family and get a better rate. so far, we have swam, biked, walked, run, taken exercise ball aerobics class, and aerobic dance class. i truly amber and i laugh the entire time. i can not move my body like they can. i ended up running in place most of the time. mechelle, tell trent that i'm going to be ready for him!
8. i bought a cabinets for my room. i no longer live out of a siutcase! it's wonderful. now, i am saving up for a mattress.
well, i feel like i have written a book. i do hope things are going well for each and all. i need to head home since it is the night of the week that i have the house to myself! God bless.


At 12:53 PM , Blogger Elizabeth Byerly said...


Sounds like things are going really well!

That's fun that you and your friends joined the gym!

Keep sending updates.



At 10:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!

I am so glad you wrote an update - I love hearing what's going on with you down there.

I hope that the truck gets fixed soon - we don't need the old one running over you again :)

Keep writing!


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