Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here we go again!

well, the time has almost come. i am heading back to honduras in around 30 hours and am very excited and ready. i am ready to be active and working again. it has been nice being here in nashville for the past two months but am ready to be used in God's kingdom as a stronger force. i have been able to travel lately- Ft. Morgan, Alabama (mom and daughter beach trip); henderson, tn (does that count? family- christmas) washington DC (Certification Exam- i now have a CCRP title); Keystone, Colorado (family ski trip for new year's) ; Dallas, Texas (medical missions conference); and Atlanta, GA to visit Leanne and Shannon (both who are pregnant.) It's been a busy past few weeks, especially. I was asked by Christian Woman magazine to write an article for the May/ June Issue coming up and later asked to be on the cover. Yes, I now consider myself a super-model! who wouldn't? i know, ha-ha-ha. It was a fun day with the shoot; then i saw a picture- and all the fat! i am huge! oh, well. hopefully that image in my head will motivate me to change it! anyway, yesterday, my friend ashley and i drove down to see Leanne J. Bender. I wanted to see her before i left and especailly before the baby comes. Shannon showed up a little later and said that she was pregnant and due in August. All i can say is, bless her heart. i can just imagine how difficult it will be with 2 kids under the age of 2! On the way home this morning, Ash, as awesome as she is, let me go visit a dear friend from nursing school, Amber, and her 4 month old baby Andrew. Amber moved to Chattanooga and had a baby in Sept that i had not seen. Amber is an true friend, dare i say the closest friend i had in nursing school. we were always together- even beyond our projects. Nursing school was difficult because it's hard to be social outside school- there was so much that had to be done. BUT, it also gave me great friends out of it. i only had 13 girls in my class. Out of those 13, i still keep in contact with some, 2 more than others, but hear about the all. It's a small world. Isn't it amazing how God plants people in our lives and we don't realize it until reflecting back. Nursing school without a constant friend to the end in Amber would have been aweful. Life now without the Mechelle sound-board/ advice-giver would be aweful. Thank you God for planting those women in my life from a challenging time going through school.
well, like i said, i head out in about 30 hours. please keep in touch!


At 5:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you & Ashley on Tuesday!! Thank you so much for coming down. I can't wait to see your Super Model pictures. I know that you will look beautiful!!!

I will be praying for you as you travel on Friday!

I love you!


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