Monday, May 07, 2007

Surgery is scheduled

well, i have scheduled my left knee surgery for May 9- in 2 days. Surgery #3 for the good old knees. pobrecitas mis rodillas! (my poor knees) .

anyway, i obviously made it back to nashville after a lovely time in Miami. Although, it was very nice to catch up with Luis, Schalee, Alicia, and to-be-#4 to that family in November. Luis graduated from Baxter a few years back and married a girl from Texas. They now work in La Ceiba, Honduras, a coastal town on the north shore- near Roatan. They were on their way to Texas with the bad storms were going through Dallas- the reason I couldn't get home to Nashville. That was so fustrating. While at the counter, the AA agent kept saying that my flight was canceled due to weather. Well, Nashville was fine- i had spoken to my mother and miami was clearly fine or we wouldn't have taken off. He never said that my plane was grounded in dallas. Of course, the airlines do not pay for hotels when one is delayed due to weather related conditions. before this, i had gone through customs, etc and when flying internationally, you must recheck your bags. I walked over with my bags and the agent asked me where i was going. i said "tennessee, nashville." He continued to say "please put your bags over the yellow line." i did. he said, "that flight has been canceled." canceled? "can i have my bags back?" "no. it has crossed the line and is now property of the MIA airport." what? could you not have told me that when i answered 'nashville'? so, the 4 (+1 soon to be) shared a room in miami where once again, my carry-ons were my laptop/ backpack full of electronic things and my purse. i write all this to say- it is true- please carry-on clothes and a toothbrush! you never know!

I am finding it harder and harder to come home to nashville. Life changes so quickly and stands still at the same time. Sometimes, it feels like i never left but that i jsut don't fit in as well as before. i am changed. i was sitting at church yesterday morning at hillsboro next to my mother (aka: driver, nurse, etc.) thinking about the little church in mogote, honduras, just two weeks past. i wonder what they would think of this building. i know the building isn't the church- it's the people. i did listen in VBS. BUT, the actual building for those women is a safe-haven. an esacpe. it's where you want to be. their whole church building could easily fit in half of the lobby at hillsboro. i don't think we value what a treasure God has given us. their church building just received electricity in march and the preacher said to them, what a gift! now we can hold a revival and make this place full! oh, how we here in the states tend to overlook the basic of basic things! We ARE so blessed and don't know it. just a little food for thought. have a blessed day.


At 7:25 PM , Blogger Dee-Dee said...

Hey Erin - it's Dee-Dee from Lipscomb and OHPA. Best wishes on the knee surgery. I am glad I found your blog via Amber's. Now we can keep up!


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