Thursday, May 01, 2008

update on a routine life

i have been told 3 times in a week that i should update. well, here i am, updating. i really don't have a lot to say or report on what i have done. Transitioning back to a life in such routine has been well, boring. It's been difficult to go from constantly going to being inside Children's all the time. I don't seem to have the same since of pride and accomplishment as i did before while in Honduras. It was instant gratification knowning how and what i did mattered, here it a much longer process. hard to explain. it's difficult to have such a clear vision of one's purpose and then it changes. I am adjusting, though. I have been looking for another house. i think i found one - more to come on that when it actually happens. i am ready to start another chapter. well, i better get back to work. hope all is well in cyber-land.


At 1:44 PM , Blogger Mike & Allison said...

Hey Erin! How are you? I was so excited to see your message. Are you in town? I would love to get together!!


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